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We prepare the energy performance certification of buildings according to the Hungarian 7/2006 (V.24) TNM Decree and 176/2008. (VI.30) Government Decree.

The energy performance certification provides information on the annual energy consumption of the building, taking into account the user profiles in the legislation. The energy performance certification labels the energy efficiency of the building and contains energy saving measures.

Preparing the energy performance certification is mandatory in the following cases:

  • Occupancy permission of new buildings
  • Selling a property
  • Renting a property
  • Buildings over 250 m2 net area, occupied by public authorities and institutions providing public services.

The energy performance certification includes:

  • Survey of existing conditions on site
  • Identifying energy consumption systems
  • Calculation of the energy use according to 7/2006. (V.24.) TNM Decree
  • Determination of the requirements according to 7/2006. (V.24.) TNM Decree
  • Energy labelling according to 176/2008. (VI.30) Gov. Decree
  • Proposing energy saving measures according to 176/2008. (VI.30) Gov. Decree
  • Uploading the energy certification to the National Building Registration System
  • Documentation of the energy certification

During the preparation of the energy performance certification, on site we inspect visually the external boundary structures of the building, and we survey the heating, domestic hot water supply, cooling, ventilation system and the lighting system (except for residential buildings). Then, we calculate the thermal transmittances of the building boundary structures, the specific heat loss coefficient of the building and the primary energy consumption. Finally, we determine the energy class of the building, and provide energy saving measures and upload the energy performance certification to the National Building Registration system, respectively.

The purpose of the energy performance certification is to determine the current energy consumption of the building with a calculation method, to compare the calculated energy consumption with a reference value according to the Hungarian 7/2006. (V.24.) TNM Decree, as well as the energy classification of the building on a scale from AA ++ to JJ according to the percentage scale described in the Hungarian 176/2008. (VI. 30.) Decree:


ClassPercentage relationshipText description of class
AA++ <40 Minimal energy demand
AA+ 40-60 Very high energy efficiency
AA 61-80 Better than the requirement for nearly zero energy demand
BB 81-100 Meets the requirements for nearly zero energy demand
CC 101-130 Modern
DD 131-160 Approaching modern
EE 161-200 Better than average
FF 201-250 Average
GG 251-310 Approaching average
HH 311-400 Poor
II 401-500 Bad
JJ >500 Extremely bad

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