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Our company makes technical expert examinations and technical justice expert examinations. In the case of inadequate HVAC system, we carry out an on-site inspection, make the necessary measurements, explore the causes of the errors and suggest a solution to the problems. If required, we prepare the investment cost estimation on the proposed solution.

The examination of building energy system and HVAC system can include the following fields:

  • Review of HVAC plans
  • Examination of the thermal characteristics of building structures
  • Calculation of heat loss and heat load of the building
  • Water supply and sewage
  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • DHW system
  • Ventilation system
  • Review of the operation of HVAC systems
  • Assessment of the condition of HVAC systems
  • Operational program of HVAC systems
  • Review of balancing of hydronic and ventilation systems
  • Energy consumption of HVAC systems
  • Evaluation of energy consumption data, monitoring
  • Processing and evaluation of the energy bills

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During the design of a new building, we participate in the development of the energy concept bearing in mind the energy efficiency and the economy, in cooperation with the customer and the designers.

During the review of the HVAC systems of existing buildings, we review the HVAC plans of the building, compare the main parts of the planned and the implemented HVAC system during on-site visits, and evaluate their condition and operation. We review the operating programs and the settings of the building management system, respectively. Finally, we suggest the necessary measures taking into account the experience of the operation.

We can examine the complex development possibilities of the HVAC systems of a facility within the framework of a feasibility study related to the redesign of the HVAC systems. The technical and energy characteristics of the current condition of the building are assessed on the basis of the documentation provided to us, on-site surveys and the energy calculations. We determine the technical content of the examined development alternatives, and then we calculate the expected energy consumption and cost, the maintenance cost, and the estimated investment cost for each package of measure. The proposed development alternatives are determined in consultation with the customer, bearing in mind the energy efficiency, the increase of the comfort level and the possibilities to divide the construction into steps, respectively.

The task of a justice expert is to make an expert opinion which helps to establish the technical and legal facts and to decide the professional issues by using the results of scientific and technical progress. The justice expert makes the work on the basis of the secondment of the court, prosecutor's office, police or other authority specified by law, as well as on the basis of residential or public institution order. Our company can prepare technical justice expert opinion in the following areas:


- boilers, boiler plants

- use of renewable energy

- district heating

- building physics

- energy measurement and control technology

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